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Experience of Artience

ARTIENCE’s Endless
Exploration of New Values

  • 60Clients

    Artience handles performance marketing for more than
    60 customers including Samsung Electronics,
    LG Electronics, and Hyundai·KIA Motors.

  • 300Projects

    Artience has successfully executed more than
    300 projects in the last 20 years.

  • 80Worldwide

    Artience conducts global marketing operations of
    every size in 80 countries.


An exploration to value, You who will join a journey of possibility

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Sharing and communicating together is the culture at Artience.

In a rapidly changing data and project environment, we communicate together to find the best solution.

Jin-Goo Kim, Leader of the Growth Planning Team
Jin-Goo Kim Profile Picture

I can confidently say that the place where we can do SEO properly in Korea is Artience.

Artience has an environment where you can create your own vision and motivate yourself endlessly and where good seniors are waiting to lead you in the right direction.

Baek-Chul Jeon, SEO Senior Consultant, SI Headquarters
Baek-Chul Jeon Profile Picture

Experience the valuable insights that Artience has acquired in performing large projects.

Artience is well equipped with an automated Tech-based optimization system that allows you to focus on in-depth tasks such as finding strategies to improve performance.

Sang-Hee Kim, Head of Education, AD Headquarters
Sang-Hee Kim Profile Picture

I want you to put the focus on why you are marketing and your will.

If you experience the actual work at Artience, you will have many opportunities to make up for your shortcomings by learning.

Byung-il Choi, SEM marketer, AD Headquarters
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