SEO is the foundation and beginning of digital marketing.

Artience SEO offers clients optimal solutions by looking at problems from their perspective, identifying changes in the main trends, and understanding their essence all through data-based analysis.

Over the years, Artience has empowered its clients, including big businesses such as Samsung, LG, CJ, KIA, and Hyundai, as well as SMEs seeking overseas expansion, to increase their business results and corporate value beyond their expectations through individually customized SEO strategies.

  • Understanding the Essence

    Understanding the essence by asking “why”

  • 3D Thinking

    Analytical ability to think beyond the unseen

  • Defining the Context

    Context Definition as a Storyteller

Directions of ARTIENCE SEO
Consulting Services


We establish realistic SEO strategies to meet our clients’ needs by diagnosing problems in website SEO operations and then analyzing clients’ business environment and their search competition status.

We don’t stop at solving the clients’ pending issues: We design an SEO roadmap based on search trends and recommend the most suitable customized SEO operation direction so that they can all operate search-friendly websites in the medium and long term.


We execute search engine optimization according to our carefully planned strategies and roadmaps with the purpose of improving the search impression share and traffic. We utilize various SEO frameworks and platforms that Artience has continued to upgrade over the years to execute customized SEO and organically respond to the ever changing search environment.


We enable our clients to analyze and utilize search engine data and web data more quickly and meaningfully by building a data management automation environment and dashboard. The enhanced efficiency of data analysis and utilization enables true data-driven SEO that not only measures the performance of SEO execution, but also uses the derived insights as the basis for future SEO operation strategies.


Samsung Electronics 86 Global Site SEO Project
Samsung Electronics 86 Global Site SEO Project
SEO for the reorganized CJ ENM Global Site
SEO for the reorganized CJ ENM Global Site
SEO for Samsung Semiconductor’s global website
SEO for Samsung Semiconductor’s global website