Full funnel strategy in commerce from branding to sales

The entire process by which a consumer purchases a product, from product search to product information collection, review, price comparison, and purchase, now takes place on the commerce platform, and in this age of privacy protection, the purchasing data held by commerce is dramatically improving marketing effectiveness.

ARTIENCE helps establish, execute, and analyze marketing strategies in commerce based on the global marketing experience it has accumulated over the past 10 years. We provide advertising (video, banner, search) services using various retail media networks such as Google Shopping, Shopee, and Lazada, as well as the global No. 1 company Amazon, and present the next step for performance analysis and insight discovery. Experience success in digital commerce with Artience!


The world's #1 e-commerce platform

As of 2020, it is reported that about 30% of the company's total sales come from Amazon advertising. Understanding and analyzing Amazon advertising, such as Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP, has become a prerequisite for global companies to succeed. Artience provides e-commerce marketing consulting that combines creativity (Art) with data analysis (Science).


Retail Media Optimization to Increase Retail Sales by Country

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the rapid activation of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market, which expected to grow into a market worth USD 146 billion by 2025, and has been widely evaluated as an effective channel for online shopping strategies.
Artience provides effective sales growth strategies by targeting the optimal retail media for each country and product, such as Flipkart, Lazada, and Shopee.


Affiliate Marketing for effective sales increase

More than 74% of US online shoppers check multiple affiliate websites before making a purchase decision, making it a growing market that is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022. Unlike PPC advertising, where you pay for every click, you are paid only when a sale is made, enabling a reasonable ROI (return on investment).
Artience provides effective affiliate marketing strategies by matching customers with suitable affiliates.


D2C Online Marketing Using Google Big Data

With online and in-app purchases increasing, reaching your audience digitally is now more important than ever before. According to a Google study, some consumers have up to 500 Digital Touchpoints when making a purchase. With the newly launched Performance Max for Retail, which allows you to take advantage of all inventory and advertising products on Google, Artience provides sales-maximizing consulting and services to ensure that brands don't miss any touchpoint they can reach with potential customers.


LG Electronics TV Global Amazon Ads / DSP Campaign
LG Electronics TV Global Amazon Ads / DSP Campaign
LG Electronics TV Global Google Shopping Ads Campaign
LG Electronics TV Global Google Shopping Ads Campaign
LG Electronics TV Pure Retailer Campaign
LG Electronics TV Pure Retailer Campaign