The purpose of this TERMS OF USE agreement is to stipulate the basic matters regarding the conditions and procedures for using the website of Artience Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “Artience”). This agreement takes effect when Artience notifies its users via the service screen or by other means.

All contents provided by the Artience website, such as web documents, attached files, and DB information, are copyrighted works protected by the Copyright Act. In principle, Artience owns the copyright to them, unless a separate copyright notice or other source is specified. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the contents provided on the website constitutes an illegal infringement of copyright under Article 136, Chapter 11 of the Copyright Act (Act No. 17588, 2020.12.08., partially amended).

Any person who intends to use the contents provided on the Artience website commercially or to provide them to a third party via the Web must obtain the permission of Artience in writing in advance. Even when posting contents with Artience’s written permission, it must be clearly stated that their source is Artience.

Even if the contents of the Artience website are posted on other internet sites according to due process, any unauthorized modification of the contents other than the correction of simple errors is prohibited, and any violation of this principle may result in criminal punishment.

[Applicable provisions of the Copyright Act]

Article 136 (Penalty Provisions)

  • ① Any person who falls under any of the following subparagraphs may be punished by imprisonment with labor up to five years or by a fine of up to 50 million won, or may be punished by both:
    • 1. A person who infringes the author’s economic right or other property rights that are protected pursuant to this Act (excluding the rights provided under Article 93) by means of reproduction, performance, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, rental, or production of derivative work;
    • 2. A person who violates the court order under Article 129-3 (1) without good cause.
  • ② Any person who falls under any of the following subparagraphs may be punished by imprisonment with labor for up to three years or by a fine of up to 30 million won, or may be punishable by both:
    • 1. A person who defames the honor of the author or performer by infringing on the author's or performer's moral rights;
    • 2. A person who files for registration by false or fraudulent means pursuant to Articles 53 and 54 (including cases applied mutatis mutandis pursuant to Articles 90 and 98);
    • 3. A person who infringes on the rights of a database producer protected pursuant to Article 93 by means of reproduction, distribution, broadcasting or interactive transmission;
  • - The rest is omitted. -
  • For other inquiries, please contact the operator of the Artience website.