No.1 Global Digital Marketing Agency

Artience is creating measurable business results by providing optimal digital performance marketing services based on creative marketing strategies (Art) and precise data analysis (Science). We will provide a bridge to a bigger world with the successful experience and know-how of Artience, which has connected business values and global customers in over 80 countries.

CEO Interview

Could you please give us a brief introduction to Artience?


Arience is a global digital marketing company that was established in 2009 based on ‘the values of creativity and scientific analysis’.

It utilizes digital media from around the world to create and deliver the messages pursued by its global clients, and also works to maximize business performance by analyzing and optimizing the measured results.

CEO Photo Mu-Jin Kang CEO

What is the most important value of Artience?

‘Trust-based shared growth (members, company)’

When the members of the company sympathize with the value of our work as important partners in a collaborative relationship based on trust, it leads to the best results; and I think that the company’s most important role is to support the development of its members generously. This is why we operate various programs designed to promote our members’ growth, such as self-development and attendance at overseas conferences.

What is Artience's vision for the future?

‘We will become a unique global digital marketing partner.’

Artience makes continuous efforts to discover invisible values based on its unique insights and connect them to customer value. We develop in-depth service transition to the way of ‘Data and System-Oriented’, and we also have plans to open overseas branch offices to communicate with our global customers more closely. Above all, I want to achieve my vision together with my colleagues, who are excited by the concept of a "unique global digital marketing partner."

Could you say a few words to future Artiencers?

‘Just bring your enthusiasm. Artience will be your most reliable companion!’

The size of Artience’s business has more than tripled over the past three years (2019-2021). However, there are so many areas that will present us with new challenges and new possibilities in the future.

I think 'sincere and continuous' interest in personality, attitude, and work is more important than any fancy specifications. Just bring with you your sincere interest and enthusiasm for Global Digital Marketing. We will actively help Artience grow into an “Only One” expert, not just the No. 1 digital marketing expert.

CEO Photo Mu-Jin Kang CEO

Core Value

HOW Are We Going to Work?

Connect Digital Marketing The Right Way

Connect the Right People with the Right Value to achieve Value Integrity
Digital Marketing
Service expansion to all areas of Digital Marketing
The Right Way
Our Unchanging DNA for the Right Service
  • Interaction
    Engaging in close communication with each other.
    (Formation of a bond of sympathy)
  • Trust
    Building trust through predictable consistency.
    (Partner spirit)
  • Specialty
    Equipping ourselves with knowledge and skills well above the general level in order to perform our work efficiently.

Artience History

Our History

Artience for the past 20 years has successfully executed:
More than 300 major projects including
a total of 60 customers from
80 countries domestic and abroad.

  • 2022
    • Samsung Electronics global SEO (84 corporate sites)
    • Samsung Semiconductor site global reoration SEO
    • LG Electronics OLED TV commerce marketing (Amazon)
    • LG Electronics Home Appliance global search Ad
  • 2021
    • Samsung Electronics global SEO (84 corporate sites)
    • CJ ENM global site reorganization SEO
    • LG Electronics SIGNATURE global campaign
    • LG Electronics OLED TV global search advertisement
    • Samsung Semiconductor website reorganization project
  • 2020
    • Samsung Electronics’ global site SEO operation in 80 countries
    • LG Electronics TV/HA Division global SEM
    • LG Electronics Monitor Division global GDN
    • LG Electronics SIGNATURE global SEM/DSP
    • Samsung Electronics IM/DA Division global SEO project
  • 2019
    • Conducted global SEM for LG Electronics’ HA/TV Division.
    • Conducted standardization of the analysis environment for KIA Motors' websites in 30 countries.
    • Conducted global SEM in 14 countries for Hyundai Motor Company.
    • Reorganized SEO in 80 countries for Samsung Electronics’ global website.
    • Promoted a global SEO project for Samsung Electronics’ IM/VD Division.
  • 2018
    • Conducted global SEM in 38 countries for LG Electronics’ HA Division.
    • Reorganized SEO for GENESIS’s global website.
    • Reorganized SEO in 7 major countries for Samsung Electronics' VD Division.
    • Conducted global GDN in 3 countries for LG Electronics’ Monitor Business Division.
    • Built an environment to measure global marketing performance in 50 countries for Hyundai Motor Company.
  • 2017
    • Conducted SEO for Samsung Electronics’ B2B global website.
    • Conducted SEO for Amore Pacific’s overseas website.
    • Conducted SEO for Samsung Electronics’ B2C global website.
    • Conducted SEO in 11 countries for GENESIS’s overseas website.
    • Conducted global SEM in 40 countries for LG Electronics’ TV Division.
  • 2016
    • Conducted global SEM in 40 countries for LG Electronics’ TV Division.
    • Conducted SEO for CJ Digital Music Mwave’s global website.
    • Conducted SEO for UNICEF’s Korean website.
    • Conducted SEO for CJ Mnet’s official YouTube channel.
  • 2009
    • Founded Artience.

Clients & Partners

Artience’s Endeavors are the Completion of Customer Value


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