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How’s life at Artience?

  • Artience is my first company, and I’m enjoying a satisfying company life in an office with an atmosphere that is free and flexible, not rigid. There are welfare benefits such as Funch Day and Family Day, which is nice because it means you can take a little break. It is also meaningful in that the company welfare continues to improve.

    SI Headquarters SEO Consultant Kyu-Eun Lee

  • The main difference that Artience has made in my life is that I now have a clear sense of purpose and a clearly defined goal in my work. Therefore, I have been able to develop the power to think for myself as an Artiencer and gain a sense of accomplishment through active participation. For me, Artience is a place where I will experience many things in the future, develop my professional skills, and grow together with the Company.

    SI Headquarters SEO Consultant Seon-Mi Jeong

  • As a new employee, I have found that life at Artience is a continuous learning experience every day. Through systematic education and assignments, I can learn theory and practice, and apply them to my work. And because I can communicate not only with the supervisor but also with any team member, I can receive advice and instruction from experts with various competencies.

    AD Headquarters Media Planner A-young Lee

What is your favorite Artience Culture (or Welfare)?

  • My favorite aspect of Artience’s work culture is that communication with one’s colleagues is considered important. If you look at welfare such as study group support, Activity Day, and Funch Day, you can see a culture that values communication. Among them, I liked Funch Day the most, as I was active in a band with my colleagues. If you immerse yourself in it in order to try to become one with your members, you feel a sense of liberation for a while, and this feeling is magnified because you are together with your colleagues,

    Growth Planning Team Product Owner Ye-Seul Jeong

  • I like Artience’s cultural fee support the most. Unfortunately, since we are living through the Coronavirus pandemic, we cannot enjoy many cultural activities at the moment. However, I think that Artience is active in improving the work-life balance of its employees in that it provides support for leisure activities outside work. In the end, I think that this acts as a positive factor in nurturing employees’ loyalty toward Artience.

    AD Headquarters Advertisement Operation Manager Hee-Song Lee

  • Artience’s executives and employees can use the self-development fee which is available according to their age and position. I use this system for online lectures and foreign language lectures, and to buy development books, etc. which are needed for front-end development, and I use them to improve areas where I lack competence. Also, I am very satisfied that it can be used for cultural living expenses such as sports, musicals, and movies, as this increases my overall satisfaction with life.

    DI Business Division Front-end Developer Na-Hyun Kim

How has Artience helped you grow in your career?

  • A senior who does a 'good' job. Being good at one’s job does not just mean having ‘advanced expertise in SEO’, but also being good at the most basic things, such as clear job requests, detail, and punctuality, which may be taken for granted, and taking those basics seriously and fulfilling those actions. The fact that I was able to work with a senior who does a ‘good job’ is the biggest strength of working at Artience.

    SI Headquarters SEO Consultant

  • First of all, having a lot of experience in domestic campaigns, and working with Big Clients as a PM for global campaigns was the most helpful thing. Not only that, but both the clients and the colleagues of Artience have a lot of interest in analysis and insight derivation, so I was able to develop my analysis capabilities as a performance marketer by doing research and thinking together with them. In addition to this, I was able to operate media that were hard to come across while working in domestic marketing, and there were few opportunities to experience the marketing trends of faraway countries, so I learned how to deal with campaigns as a so-called ‘global’ marketer.

    AD Headquarters Education Manager Sang-hee Kim

  • SEO is also divided into detailed areas, and Artience provides services across all areas of SEO, not just one area. I think I was able to become a consultant and be recognized by our clients because I was able to gain comprehensive experience in SEO. Also, I think another of Artience’s strengths is that you can acquire a broad perspective of digital marketing, not just SEO.

    SI Headquarters SEO Consultant (Team Leader) Baek-Cheol Jeon

What are the most important values you follow when you work at Artience?

  • I am in charge of the front-end development of work automation tools. Both executives and employees use the tool to provide reports by extracting large amounts of customer data. The functions that I have developed allow business managers to do their jobs much more efficiently than before and contribute to increasing satisfaction with the work environment. It is in line with my values, which include doing something useful that the company needs, and my sense of accomplishment is high. So, if you are a prospective Artiencer developer who wants to become someone who’s development is valuable and helpful to others, please don’t hesitate to try.

    DI Business Division Front-end Developer Na-Hyun Kim

  • Communication between team members is of the utmost importance. Even if we discuss the same topic, we often have different opinions. In order to solve this problem, smooth communication is essential, and this seems to have a big impact on work.

    SI Headquarters SEO Consultant Kyu-Eun Lee

  • Maintaining a good relationship with one’s co-workers is important. I think it is very important to meet people who can think about the same problems together and find a better solution. This not only improves the quality of work, but can also become an opportunity for self-growth.

    AD Headquarters Advertisement Operation Manager Hee-Song Lee

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve at Artience?

  • I want to make products that save time for my colleagues. The growth planning team to which I belong was established for the growth of the company and its employees by improving the efficiency of in-company work. Since most of the work is data-based, large and small manual tasks exist, and when these things pile up, difficulties in concentrating on the work or time management-related problems are bound to arise. I had this problem and wanted to solve it as I found out that my colleagues were also experiencing it. Last year, the data extraction platform we created in order to reduce the manual work of the analysis team at the SI headquarters helped us reduce the work time. I want to create a work environment where more colleagues in more fields can save time and energy.

    Growth Planning Team Product Owner Ye-Seul Jeong

  • I want to become a reliable supporter who runs a more stable server between projects in progress and future projects in Artience. Another goal is to develop a bug-free flawless project (that I don't yet have on my own) as my personal project in the future.

    DI Headquarters Server Developer Byung-Ik Jang

  • I want to be the ‘Wonder Woman’ of Artience. I found learning the job skills to be very challenging as General Affairs involves a broad spectrum of tasks. But I will move on and further develop my professionalism and competency so as to be able to play an important role in creating the ‘Most Satisfying Artience.’

    Management Support Division General Affairs Team Min-Young Go

What would you like to say to future “Artiencers”?

  • Artience is continuing to grow, and it is an environment where hard work will pay off. I think it would be nice to work together while creating good motives. A person who is good at their work cannot beat a person who works really hard, and a person who works very hard cannot beat a person who enjoys it. In that respect, I hope that you will work with a great deal of curiosity and enjoy the process.

    Growth Planning Team Leader Jin-Goo Kim

  • I think that some people are hesitant to apply because of their major (Haha!). Regardless of your major, I want you to focus on the reason why you want to pursue marketing and your will. The opportunity to learn while making up for your shortcomings is open to you through hands-on practical experience.

    AD Headquarters SEM Marketer Byung-il Choi

  • “Enjoy the problem-solving process itself.” A development task can be said to be the sum of several small problem-solving steps. You need to know how to like and enjoy the process of solving problems like this in order to maintain your passion as a developer for a long time. “Acknowledging differences comes first.” Although I am a developer who lives in a world of 0 or 1, it is important to respect other people (and accept that others are different from me). This will build trust and enable communication and collaboration with other departments.

    DI Headquarters Development Team Leader Chan-Joong Joo

Artience Support

We would like to reward
you while you explore.

  • Self-development Expenses Support
    Exercise, Language, Education
  • Cultural Life Expenses Support
    Support for cultural life such as movies and musicals
  • e-book Support
  • On-board Program
    In-company mentoring system
  • Birthday
    Shorter work hours for birthdays and support for birthday celebrations
  • Funch Day
    2 hours lunchbreak at the end of each month
  • Family Day
    Leave work 1 hour early every second Friday of the month
  • Breakfast Support
    Support Breakfast every Tuesday
  • Talent Recommendation Compensation System
    If you recommend an external talent and he/she is employed at Artience, you will be compensated.
  • Special Treatment for long-term employees
    Refresh Leave and leave expenses support
  • Health Checkup Support
  • Benefits for SONO Hotel & Resort members
    16 Locations nationwide including Samcheok, Yangyang, and Jeju

Your sincere interest and passion are all we need!

Open Position

These are the positions open
for future Artiencers


SEO Consultant

The SEO Consultant serves as an SEO guard for the establishment of SEO strategy, SEO operation, SEO issue management and performance analysis so that corporate sites can be exposed to search results according to the digital touch points that occur in the user's decision-making stage (CDJ).

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) planning/operation/performance analysis.
  • Search trend research.

SEO Data Analyst

The SEO Data Analyst provides meaningful data analysis material which makes SEO consulting more reliable and enables customers to make better decisions based on the analyzed data. Ultimately, the SEO Data Analyst does the job of revealing the value of the SEO in numbers.

  • Incoming traffic and user data analysis.
  • Establishment and management of the data analysis environment.
  • Insight Report.

Global Search Advertisement Manager

The Global Search Advertisement Manager is responsible for global search advertisements in over 50 countries for large global companies. It plays a role in improving media efficiency by planning annual campaigns based on country-specific market conditions and changes in search volume and by applying various optimization methods to achieve established KPIs. Performance analysis integrates conversion data provided by log analysis tools such as GA and Adobe with basic media data to create performance analysis/optimization/reports and find insights with customers.
The main Media are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

  • Global search advertisement operation.
  • Customer communication.
  • Search query and data analysis.
  • Creation of reports.

Performance Marketing Manager

The Performance Marketing Manager is in charge of performance marketing of the various media that meet customer needs for global corporations. Operating media such as GMP (Google Marketing Platform - Campaign Manager, DV360, GA360), TTD (DSP) Facebook Ads, GDN, and YouTube Ads, the Performance Marketing Manager also operates local media by country such as Yandex (Russia) and YDN (Japan). It connects with analytics data to analyze and create reports and communicates with various global representatives based on this.

  • Global Media advertisement operation.
  • Customer communication.
  • Data analysis.
  • Creation of reports.

E-Commerce Advertisement Manager

The E-Commerce Advertisement Manager operates advertisements on global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Google Shopping. It analyzes consumers' purchasing journeys in commerce, from product search to purchase, and carries out various marketing activities to maximize sales. In addition to global e-commerce, the E-Commerce Advertisement Manager collaborates with various retail media networks and global affiliate marketing networks that can contribute to the online sales growth of customers (vendors).

  • e-Commerce platform operation.
  • Customer and purchase data analyzation.
  • Customer communication.

Server Developer

Data required for SEO/SEM-related analysis and reports are collected by using Open API (GA, AA, etc.) of various media or through self-crawling, and raw data are stored in an appropriate DB (MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redshift, etc.) according to the purpose and processed according to the requirements for the report. In addition, you can develop a simple restful method web server, monitoring and alert system.

  • Ad data collection/loading/processing and general server work.

React Developer

Develops a solution that allows data to be fused with various media to easily check it in a variety of ways, process desired data in analysis and reports, and report it directly to the customers.

  • Development of internal solutions used for the smooth utilization of advertisement data.

Data Analysis Consultants

This is a group of experts who manage the various analysis tools used throughout digital marketing and uncover hidden values from collected data. Based on Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, various tools such as Similarweb and Beausable are used depending on the purpose of analysis. They provide data-driven operating models such as campaign operation design, performance analysis by marketing channel, competitor comparison, and a UX optimization proposal.

  • The entire process related to data analysis
    (goal definition, analysis/design, report creation).

In-Company Product Manager

The In-Company Product Manager plans, builds and operates an in-house platform to effectively perform digital marketing tasks. He/she defines the functions and data that can increase the work efficiency of the analysts and marketers and provides an optimized workflow automation and flexible work environment to focus on work.

  • Identification of in-company development requirements and platform planning/management.

Tableau Developer

The Tableau Developer develops dashboards for digital marketing through the Tableau BI solution. In addition, you can create an in-company Data Warehouse environment for data analysis through data preprocessing process development.

  • Tableau dashboard development.
  • Data preprocessing development.

Human Resource

'Like the saying, ‘People come first', the most important basis of the HR team is the people they work with, that is, the members. It plays the role of supporting and helping members and the organization to grow together by achieving the goals and innovations pursued by Artience through the appropriate systems and operations.

  • Organization design and human resource operation.
  • Internal talent career development.
  • Performance management and compensation.
  • Management innovation and organization culture establishment.
  • Talent recruitment and selection.

Financial Accounting

Bookkeeping (company-wide sales and purchase accounting), issuance and management of tax invoices, fund management (management of deposit/withdrawal details, fund execution and foreign currency management, etc.), corporate card application and management, company-wide and business division profit and loss management by project, and management of other relevant documents.

  • Issuance/management of bookkeeping and tax invoices.
  • Fund management and corporate card application/management.
  • Company-wide and divisional project profit and loss management .

General Affairs

Provides a timely work environment and work tools so that Artience members can fully demonstrate their work capabilities, manages the purchase of major assets to build a company-wide work infrastructure and stable systems, and operates networks and security systems. It also responsible for various tasks such as company-wide EVENT implementation and welfare system operation to improve communication and satisfaction.

  • Business support and improvement of work environment.
  • Infrastructure and security system operation.
  • Event design and operation, welfare policy operation.

Employment Process

  1. Application

    After filling out the job application form, apply by uploading the attached file.

  2. Document Screening

    Recruitment job confirmation and eligibility review

  3. Interview Selection

  4. Final Announcement

    Announcement of qualified employees to work at Artience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q Are there any age or gender restrictions?

    Artience does not discriminate or place any special restrictions on applicants, such as age or gender.

  • q How do I apply for a job?

    You can apply for a job through the employment notices posted at each employment site and our website.

  • q Can I reapply even if I have previously applied for a job?

    You can reapply at any time regardless of your past job application history. However, there may be difficulties in the screening process if a person who previously did not attend the interview or gave up on the job due to reasons other than unavoidable circumstances.

  • q How can I find out about the recruitment progress situation, such as whether I have passed the documentary and interview screening?

    In the case of the document screening, only successful applicants are notified of the results via phone and SMS. In the case of the interview screening, the results are notified by e-mail within 7 days of the interview date.

  • q What is the most important consideration in the document screening?

    It focuses on whether the applicant conforms to the core values and corporate culture of Artience, your degree of understanding of the position you are applying for, your competence or experience related to this, and how much effort you have made to perform the job you have applied for. In the case of experienced workers, we focus on the contents of practical work performed in the past, and assess their degree of conformity to the core values of Artience and its corporate culture.

  • q Is there a separate probationary period? If yes, how would I be treated during that period?

    There is a probationary period of 3 months for new employees and 2 months for experienced employees. During the probationary period, 100% of the salary is paid.

  • q Where should I address any questions I may have other than the FAQ?

    For any inquiries related to Artience recruitment, please contact us by e-mail (recruit@artience.com) and we will provide you with an answer.