The data generated on the website is the voice of the customer!

ARTIENCE’s Digital Analytics service creates a basis for quantitatively measuring customer behavior based on data reliability, and we present differentiated marketing strategies by analyzing customers from various perspectives based on our many years of digital marketing operational know-how.

Experience new data-driven marketing through the Artience Digital Analytics service.


We set goals in consideration of the purpose of website operation and business characteristics, and set indicators to gauge the speed and direction of website growth. Based on data analysis, we provide criteria for making decisions about website operation.


Customers visit your website via a variety of channels, and each channel has different behavioral patterns. In order to efficiently analyze customer behavior data, it is necessary to organize the data according to the purpose and goal of the website and to check the data from various perspectives. Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are widely used as analysis platforms that can analyze customer behavior, and other various analysis platforms such as Similarweb for competitor analysis and Beusable for UX analysis are used according to the situation.

ARTIENCE has provided global marketing services for many years, acquiring the know-how required to build an analysis environment for platforms in the process. Our Digital Analytics service provides an optimized performance analysis environment for the website based on this know-how.


Viewing your customer's entire journey, from ad impressions to conversions after visiting your website, is critical to measuring your marketing performance and improving your marketing strategy. The data warehouse, which collects advertisement and conversion data by various marketing channels in one place at a consistent level, is actively used in the objective evaluation and multi-faceted analysis of marketing.

ARTIENCE extracts raw data by developing APIs for various Analytics platforms. The extracted data is combined and processed in various forms for analytical purposes and stored in the marketing data warehouse.


With the development of the Internet and diverse types of devices, digital marketing is also rapidly advancing, and it has become possible to collect various forms of customer response data for marketing purposes. The important thing is that it is only worthwhile to collect data correctly and process it appropriately to obtain ‘meaningful insights’.

ARTIENCE provides optimal insights for website growth and problem solving based on its abundant marketing experience. It also utilizes Tableau to provide an interactive dashboard experience that makes it easy to analyze data in just a few clicks, without requiring any specialized knowledge of data analysis. This allows all members to utilize a single data source to measure performance and make decisions quickly and accurately.

CASE STUDY OF Digital Analytics