Target Country
Worldwide including Korea, the USA, China and Japan
Progression Period
1 year
Search Engine
Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo


  • Existence of errors in the SEO elements on multiple pages.
  • Shortage of contents and a website environment that is unfriendly to search engines including poor accessibility.
  • Absence of SEO management process between website operations.
  • A CMS environment that makes it difficult to modify or add SEO-related elements to the website.


  • Perform quick-win SEO to correct errors on pages prior to reorganization of the website.
  • Offer guidance on reorganizing the website into one that is search engine-friendly as well as enhancing the contents.
  • Establish SEO operation policies and management processes.
  • Provide customized guidelines on the development of functions/and systems required to perform SEO.